Why choose Jeval® Colour

1.100% grey coverage

Smaller molecular weight colour pigments aid in superior colour absorption, effectively providing 100% grey coverage, optimum colour penetration and lasting colour.

2. Protective vitamins for a healthy result

Vitamin D-Panthenol, B5 liposomes protects and nourishes hair. Vegetable liposomes Burdock, Hypericum, Echinacea, Marine Oak, Ginseng and Lime, soften, and refresh the hair during the colouring process, keeping elasticity and shine in the hair.

3. It's ideal for sensitive skin

With its natural botanical plant base with an average of only 1% ammonia, Jeval® Colour is gentle on the hair and scalp. This also ensures better colour deposition, durability and soft, shiny hair while maintaining customer comfort.

4. We have an extensive range

With 148 colours divided into 31 series, Jeval® Colour has everything for bright blondes, grey coverage or any creative colour.

5. A Hybrid System that save costs

Jeval® Colour performs both permanent and demi permanent colours from the same tube of colour, making Jeval® colour a more affordable choice with huge cost savings.

6. It's a Low Ammonia colour

To ensure a smooth cream consistency Jeval® Colour is made from a ratio of two parts oil and one part water. This ensures deep pigment penetration into the cortex of hair minimising colour fade and cuticle damage.

7. Access to Jeval® Educators

We run colour workshops throughout the year nationwide. Got a question regarding Jeval® Colour - call or email our Educators for a quick free consultation.

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