Flare Carob Shampoo 300ml

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The Jeval Flare Carob Shampoo is made for warm and even-up chocolate/brunette colours and enhances natural brown hair. Cool down unwanted warmth by mixing with Flare Frosted.

Enriched with natural oils, vitamin E and olive butter, hair is left nourished and revitalised.

Step 1 Shampoo your hair with Jeval Don’t Go Changing colour care shampoo, then rinse.

Step 2 Apply your choice of Flare Shampoo and massage throughout the hair, leave for 3 to 5 minutes.

Step 3 Leave in hair longer if the additional colour intensity is required.

Step 4 Rinse with cool water and follow with your favourite Jeval conditioner or Flare masque for greater vibrancy and condition.

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